Zinc Phosphating

The phosphating process

In phosphating, a phosphorus-containing crystal coating is applied to steel parts and galvanised steel parts by a chemical surface process.

There are various phosphate processes, e.g., zinc phosphate, zinc calcium phosphate, iron phosphate. The coating thickness is adjustable for special customer requirements.

Beim Phosphatieren steht die Verformbarkeit und die Bildung eines Haftgrundes im Vordergrund.

During phosphating processes, the formability and the formation of an adhesive primer is of primary importance. The coating weight is usually in the range of 1 to 15g/m². Phosphatisations are especially resistant to lubricants such as oils or greases, and therefore well-suited to many technical applications. .

Phosphate coatings are usually further coated. This involves: Oiling, soaping, lubricant coating, vulcanising and painting.